Obsess Cosmetics is Malaysia’s leading makeup authority because of our unrivaled expertise in makeup ARTISTRY.

Obsess Cosmetics is a modern makeup brand, inspired by our love for Malaysian culture and UNIQUENESS.

Obsess Cosmetics celebrates diversity and INDIVIDUALITY – we are for All Ages, All Races, All Genders, which is represented by our wide range of products and colors.

Obsess Cosmetics is a proud COMMUNITY of makeup enthusiasts working together to bring our vision to life for consumers from all walks of lives.


Obsess Cosmetics was founded back in 2016, after years of experience in the makeup business. We started off with selling cushion foundation, being one of the first local brands to come up with our own cushion foundation. Having received good feedbacks, we then produced our matte lipstick collection.

In 2018, due to good reception and high demands, we expanded our product range with more makeup products such as mascara, blusher and eyeshadow. Obsess Makeup Set was created to cater to everyone, regardless of your makeup skills. Whether you’re a makeup artist, or you barely knew how to makeup, Obsess Makeup Set is the go-to daily makeup brand for you.

We highly appreciate the grave reviews and high demands for our products since our humble beginnings until now. Moving forward, we are planning to expand our business across Asia, for people across the continent to experience and fall in love with Obsess Cosmetics. And who knows? Maybe we can be a good platform for them to earn good money as well.